Studio Sarasa

We sell yarns, fabrics, garments, and home furnishings

all natural dyed and made in our studio.

Kusakizome is what we do, which is a Japanese term for natural dyeing.

In our studio located in a rice farming village

a few hours' drive from Kyoto City, Japan,

we do ...

                                                   As the moonbeam slides into a flower basket ...

    手染め (tezome)    手紡ぎ (tetsumugi)    手織り (teori)    手編み (teami)

      Dyeing,            Spinning,             Weaving,  and  Knitting.

Early Summer around our Studio

The young zelkova (keyaki in Japanese) we planted a few years ago has grown tall enough to give us plenty of shade in our garden.

Meanwhile out in the vegetable garden, herbs are starting to grow.

Roman chamomiles...

Blue cat mints,

French lavenders,

And oregano.

This is a busy season on our little farm...

...Here is our tea garden after young new leaves have been cut to be made into green tea.

And our rice field must be prepared for rice planting. All work is done by hand, no machinery whatsoever from the beginning to the end.

Here is a nice picture of our water vase.

These are Tibetan bells hung at the entrance for visitors to strike. "Get hold of the ends of the string, turn the bells over and then strike them against each other. That's how this instrument is supposed to be played," was a tip given by Rachel, a recent visitor from California, who is familiar with Tibetan Buddhism.

All this said, we have not got to introducing our main work. Here are photos of a few works completed recently. Our summer materials are mainly cotton and ramie. The first of these was dyed with kakishibu, traditional Japanese dye made from persimmon tannin. This dye makes the material harder and sturdier. Since the color becomes darker as the sun hits it, a phenomenon very much unlike with other dyes, the cap will look darker and darker as time passes until the dye is completely settled.

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